Painless Performance 2020

Tech Line 1.800.423.9696 From Humble Beginnings Thirty years ago, the first Painless wiring harnesses were manufactured in a tiny roll-up rental unit on the west side of Fort Worth. Company co-founder Dennis Overholser took that first week’s production to the Pate swap meet in Cresson, TX, used the revenue from those sales to purchase more raw materi als and a new company called Perfect Performance Products w as born. As word began to spread about these easy to install chassis harnesses, the legendary Tex Smith got word and, writing a positive review in his Hot Rod Mechanix magazine, ended it by saying, “Folks, this is really painless wiring!” The name caught on and soon Perfect Performance became Painless Wiring. As the company grew and more products were developed, the name was changed to Painless Performance in 1998 to better reflect the growing divergence of the product line. Today, Painless is headquartered in a modern 45,000 square foot facility in Fort Worth. All research and development, engineering and manufacturing is done in house. At Painless, we are and always will be American made and American proud.